The Southbank

My friend Cookie2697 challenged me recently to walk to the Southbank from Waterloo station to the Tower Bridge so other night I went out and did just that (taking pictures along the way of course!)

I got off the bus by Waterloo station and the stop is just down the road from the “Royal Festival Hall”.

From there I walked toward the river, and one of the first things I saw was the london eye, all lit up:

I walked along the river from there, taking my time and pausing to look at things of interest, and to take some video of the view from the river (since any attempts at pictures of this area failed miserably).

Sadly I can’t seem to be able to embed video clips, but I did take about 5 short clips of different sections of the Thames. If you’d like to see them, you can find them here:

The pedestrian section of the Hungerford Bridge (which is right by the London Eye):

The back end of the Royal Festival hall:

Quite a bit further down the bank, I took this lovely picture of St Paul’s Cathederal in the distance (I’m zoomed in):


In one section, there was a sandy beach below the walkway and someone was sculpting in the sand: Photobucket

A side street off the water – all the shops were closed, but I’ll go back during the day sometime to check them out.


My FAVOURITE bit of the walk, just past the Tate Modern Museum, (which I went into on Sunday… and learned that I really, really don’t *get* modern art)… The GLOBE theatre! Of course it’s been rebuilt since Shakespeare’s time but still, this is a huge piece of history, right there:


They’re doing construction to several of the underground stations right now, and as a result there was a long diversion not far from the Globe that took me down and around some streets before eventually bringing me back the the water. When I got there, I was near the Tower of London…


…and the tower bridge: Photobucket

I did manage to get a picture of myself by the bridge but the perspective is rather funky:

From the bridge I found the bus stop and made my way home. I quite enjoyed the walk. In total I think it took me close to 2 hours, although I was stopping quite a bit to take pictures. Sadly, many of them didn’t turn out well because it was night. I’ve since been back to sections of it (mainly the Southwark area near the Globe) and I have a few daytime pictures but haven’t yet had a chance to upload them. As soon as I do, I’ll add them to the album and you’ll be able to see them.

In other news, I move into my new apartment on Wednesday August 11th. I can’t wait. I’ll be SO glad to not be living out of a suitcase any longer.

PS – I have to take my computer in for repairs tomorrow and will likely be without it for several days so if you don’t hear from me in that time, don’t panic, I’m here and I’m safe and I’ll post again as soon as I’m able.


12 responses to “The Southbank

  1. Nice Pictures Hannah. Have enjoyed your posts.

  2. Hi Hannah,
    i like your report on your walk. I am so jealous of you for going to the Tate. I think part of the charm of Modern art IS the not-getting-it part. It’s good to be thrown off our hinges and say “huh?” every once in a while right?
    I also liked your close-up, p.s. I-was-there shot. Have you done the tower tour yet?

    love emma

    • Hi Emma,

      I get what you mean about modern art, but when there’s a canvas that only has one colour of paint on it and THAT’S all – no texture, no substance… NOTHING it makes me kinda frown and wonder how that can actually be considered art. I think though it comes down to me liking stuff that’s OF something… I like realism which is probably why I like the classics.

      No I haven’t done the tower tour yet… I did go se Buckingham palace the other day (the outside only, it’s £17 to go in and that’s really more than I can afford right now… and it’s not like I won’t have another chance to go in future). London is a great place, I’m really enjoying it!

      How are things with you? Have you figured out what’s happening in September? Are you going to the East Coast?

  3. starlightmoonla

    Love the pictures in this post! London is so beautiful at night. 🙂

    Have you been up to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral yet? Planning on it if not? Gorgeous view from there but it is very very high and there are loads of steps to get through.

    • London really is amazing at night! I love it. I haven’t been to the top of St. Paul’s yet, no. I really should do that, I hear the view is incredible. One of these days I’ll make it up there!

  4. So great about the NU2U faces and places. Glad 2 C U R settling N. If U get around 2 C-ing Abbey Rd studios, do tell.

  5. we went to see a play at The Globe right before we left on vacation! It was soooooooooo neat, and if you don’t mind standing for 3 or so hours you can get a ticket for only 5 quid.. it is painful, but worth at least doing once 🙂

  6. I hear what you are saying about the modern art- I am more inspired by some of the scribbles that Joshua or Raeya turn out. I suppose anyone can toss a can of paint into a whirling jet propeller, and have it spew out onto a canvas and call it a ‘commission’. I remember Matthew’s “worm art”- can’t say it too loudly or I am sure there will be h_ll to pay from “invertebrate’s rights” groups, loudly decrying the exploitation of oligochetes. ^sigh^ Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

    • Yeah. Seriously some of the stuff in the gallery was just a convas painted smoothly with one colour. How is that art? I just don’t get it – ANYONE could do that. They should start paying children for their creations instead, they are far more interesting. *sigh* I suppose I’m just not an art person.

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