Half term and weather woes!

This week the weather took a nose dive. Luckily there wasn’t that much rain, but it’s been COLD. I haven’t checked but I’m pretty sure we were close to freezing temperatures or at least well under 5 degrees Celsius. Brrrr. I’ve been wearing layers on my way to work in the morning so I don’t freeze. I need to get some better shoes for winter soon though because the ones I have are a bit too open for rain and things. My poor toes are going to be frozen! Oh, well, at least the weather isn’t drastically different from what I’d experience back home. I’m used to cold and rain. Plus the sun has been shining even though it’s cold and that is always nice to have. Much better than clouds that never leave…

One of the best things about living over here are the breaks. They have the school system set up so that the kids (and teachers!) get a break about every 6 weeks. So as of Friday I’m on my October half term break. The school I’m at is a private school and they have longer breaks than state schools so I don’t actually have to go back until November 8th!

Those of you who teach know how absolutely immersed you can get in it and how it kind of takes of your life. I found that by the end of this week, I was definitely ready for a break and I’m grateful to have the rest. I’m trying to recall how I managed to survive going straight through from Sept-Dec now. Although in North America there are a lot more long weekends and things… Here most of the holidays fall during the breaks.

I was hoping to go to Europe and see somewhere new during this break but I got paid less in September since I started late and since I only get paid once a month, I can’t afford to book anything until after payday (which is next Friday) so for this week at least, I’m staying close to home. I’m thinking I might do some more walking tours complete with pictures, or if it’s rainy there are lots of museums here that I haven’t seen yet. I may also take the train out to some other areas of England that I haven’t seen yet. Next week I may be going up to see a friend who lives in Newcastle, and if I can get a really cheap ryan air flight I may go see Ali in Germany again since she’s about to have her baby (or have you had her yet? Maybe that’s why I haven’t heard from you in a few days? *hopes*) and if I don’t see her now it could be months before I can make it down there again since I’m going back home for Christmas.

On Friday night, I went out with to a goodbye dinner for a friend from work – she’s having to move back to Ireland so she won’t be returning after half term which is sad since we were just really starting to get to know each other. We had a great time though. We went for Indian in Brick Lane with her boyfriend, her cousin and her boyfriend and her other cousin and a coworker. The food was amazing. I picked something pretty tame (Chicken Tikka Masala), but some of the others picked stuff with hot peppers and it was amusing to watch them deal with more heat than they were anticipating.

Yesterday I explored my neighbourhood a bit more. I went into some shops I hadn’t been in (found a great pair of boots with no heel that I might get after payday – they’d look great with skirts and they’ll keep my feet warm and dry in the rain), had a light lunch at a really nice cafe and then ended up having tea in a pub down the road a ways. I found a table with an outlet near it and the pub had free wifi so I drank my tea and spent a good chunk of my afternoon writing. It was actually really nice. There was a football match on though so it was a bit loud but hey, you’re not in England if you don’t spend time in a pub during a match.

Today my plan is to assemble a small desk I ordered from IKEA and as a result, to rearrange my room a bit. It will be nice to have a place to sit and do work or write in my room other than the bed. I’m looking forward to it.

Expect an increase in posts from me over the next few weeks since I won’t be as busy!


6 responses to “Half term and weather woes!

  1. Looking forward to the coming posts. I think that lumping the holidays is brilliant. Gives you time to come back truly rested.

    • I’m hoping to have some pictures to post too. I agree about the holidays. Teachers are less stressed here and I think it’s better for the kids too. They get tired and need a break as well (especially since they start SO young over here).

  2. Kelsey Anderson

    The breaks sound perfect! I’m glad that you’re going to have a chance to tour around and rest up! Walking and window shopping sounds perfect. Also, I’m sure you could have predicted this, but I say buy the boots! 🙂 I’m also happily anticipating pay day (Friday) and some shopping. My mom and I are going to do down to Burlington for some pre-Christmas outlet shopping next weekend.

    The weather seems to be turning a bit here too. The fall leaves are gorgeous and the wind is picking up so we are really seeing the beauty of autumn in Victoria. It’s cold and it’s certainly time for our wool coats! At school, of course, they wouldn’t turn the heat on until the 15th, so I was really bundling up there as well. It’s better now with the heat on (what a concept, hey!).

    I’ve been going to the symphony a lot lately with some of the girls from work. My friend Katie’s boyfriend plays the trumpet in the symphony, so she sets it up for us to go and watch. Katie’s the English grade one teacher at my school, I’m sure I’ve mentioned her to you before. Last night it was a symphony pop night, featuring the nylons. It’s was sooo excellent! Of course, they sang “in the jungle” and I was in my element. You’d have loved it.

    I’m looking forward to Halloween next weekend. You’ll be missing it (if I’m not mistaken it’s not really celebrated where you are), so think of us. I’m going to be sleeping beauty, complete with pj’s and hair rollers. Should be fun.

    Love you Hannah! I miss you much!

    • Hi Kelsey,

      Yes, half term breaks are a definite treat. I’m enjoying having the downtime for sure. My body needed it too!

      I’ve definitely been wearing my own wool coat and usually another, lighter jacket underneath. It hasn’t been as cold for the last few days though which is nice.

      Oh and I totally bought the boots. They are SO fantastic. Super comfy and they keep me warm, plus they look pretty awesome. I feel so sophisticated. LOL I’ll have to take a picture.

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the symphony. That sounds like such an awesome experience. and the Nylons!!!! So cool.

      They do have Halloween here though it’s not nearly as big as it is back home. London is such a multicultural city though, so it’s here – and of course the kids love the costumes. Christmas stuff is out in all the shops already though – has been for a few weeks. I’m not used to that since at least at home they wait until after halloween. You’ll be adorable in your pjs and curlers. Make sure you take pictures.

      I miss you too Kelsey,

      Thanks so much for all the notes. I love hearing from you.


  3. Not meaning to be smug….but….we still have golden raspberries ripening on the canes (^ducking^ virtually tossed tomatoes). The farmer’s almanac is predicting a cold winter, but we haven’t seen it yet. A bit wet, yes, but not that chilly. I still have to winterize the garden, but have been too tired to get around to it. Perhaps a bit tomorrow.

    • Oh, I’m jealous! I love raspberries! I promise not to toss any tomatoes if you save some of whatever delicious jam you’ve made from your garden this year for me to try when I’m home at Christmas! I miss your cooking.

      How’d the bees make out with the honey this year?

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