Highgate Cemetery

Yesterday was a gorgeous sunny Sunday, so my friend Kaite came over and we decided to take the bus out to Highgate Cemetery. The bus ride itself was really pretty. It went down all these cute narrow little streets, some of them on MASSIVE hills and all with really lovely houses on them. We passed Crouch End which I’d heard of before but never seen and it’s very quaint. There are all kinds of really neat little shops and cafes and lots of narrow streets. I didn’t get to stop there but I’m definitely going to go back!

Anyway, when we got off the bus, there was this GORGEOUS church across the street.

To get the the cemetery we had to walk through Waterlow Park which was bustling with people enjoying the heat and the sunshine. Along the way we came across this ADORABLE mother duck and her ducklings. She kept walking them up toward the bridge that led to the pond and then turning round and running back down. It was really cute. In fact, I can show you:

There were also cute ducklings swimming and diving:

Anyway, after we finished gushing over ducks, we meandered our way through the rest of the park to the Cemetery. Highgate Cemetery is divided into two parts – the West Cemetery and the East Cemetery. The West Cemetery is only accessible though a guided tour so all we saw of it was the lovely entrance:

We spent the next few hours wandering through the East Cemetery. It was incredibly beautiful and incredibly peaceful though also a bit sad. The East Cemetery is still an active cemetery so there are really, really old graves next to pretty recent ones. Also, it’s been mostly left to it’s own devices so nature has taken over and parts of it are overgrown with ivy and things growing over the grave stones. It’s quite organic.

There are some really unique grave stones in Highgate Cemetery. Some that I thought were quite nice like these ones:

and some that left me scratching my head a bit, like this one:

There are also some really famous graves there like Karl Marx

and George Eliot

So anyway, it was a fantastic day with great weather and fabulous company and we ended it as all adventures should end with ice cream and chocolate sauce!

The rest of the pictures can be found here (click on the picture):


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